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Peugeot Club
What is the idea?
Anyone who owns Peugeot car can become a member of our club, just fill out the form from Peugeot maintenance center and you will become a member.
How does it work?
It is really simple
You have to do a Peugeot club card.
Each time we service your car we will punch your card.
Get up to 20% off each time you visit maintenance center.
Get discounts from places around the country.
Terms and conditions:
  1. Auto zone services club is a customer loyalty reward program operated by AutoZone after sales department.
  2. The service of the club is open to all Peugeot owners.
  3. The service of the club card is not transferable between vehicles.
  4. The card of the club must be presented at each visit.
  5. At the end of the year all customers who punched their cards at least 2 times will inter a raise for: 
    a. Trip for 2 persons to FRANCE.
    b. Two persons will win a free maintenance for the next whole year.
  6. The card holder will have a discount in many shopping places.
  7. Auto zone reserves the right to reject any service club if they deem in their sole discretion that it has been forged or otherwise tampered with.
  8. This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offers or promotion.
  9. Auto zone reserves the right to terminate the club services or changes the list without any prior notice to existing club customers.

The fees for each card is 200NIS per year (Renewal card), and the card will be renewable as long as the customer is committed to the terms and conditions of the club services.